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About Me –

A practicing martial artist since 1993 – 3rd Dan Black Belt in Chinese Kickboxing
A Pn Pro-Coach and nutrition specialist
A Certified NASM Personal Trainer & Integrated Flexibility Specialist
A calisthenics practitioner
Worked in the health and fitness industry since 2001.
Four time world champion

My name is Tim OJ ( Osborn-Jenkins ) I’m a certified Pn Pro-Coach, calisthenics practitioner and four time world martial arts champion based in Southampton, England. I have worked in the health and fitness industry since 2001 and I have been a practicing martial artist since 1993.

I am a former member of the English national squad I have represented England five times in international competition and have been a British champion numerous times in different disciplines.
I am married and a father of two girls.

A consistent student of healthy eating I realised early on in my career that regular healthy nutrition practices resulted in success in other aspects of my life too. Whether it was training, competition or just having more focus and energy for my family, nutrition was the key.

As a parent I understand the difficulties that many other parents face…

…time. Or lack of it for yourself.

How is it possible to eat healthily, exercise, and cook healthy meals whilst working a full day, cleaning, tidying up, and spending quality time with your wife and children?

I realised that with my experience and chirpy optimism I could support other parents who wanted to build healthier practices into their lives, thus Badassed Parenting was born.